Deca Bar Z Foam Party

Recently I’ve been on a mission to hit up all of the most notorious bars in Tokyo.  Over the weekend I wound up at an anime-themed foam bikini party in Shinjuku and had an amazing time.  I had previously been to a foam party at coloR in Roppongi, but this party had over twice the foam and I ended up being soaked head to toe!  This particular event cost 2500円 to get in but the bubbly times and crowd of people (a mix of foreigners and Japanese people) was definitely worth the price.

DecaBarZ is located in the heart of Kabukicho and frequently hosts costume and cosplay party events which sometimes offer discounts for participation.  The bar was in a building with several floors but I could tell which one it was by the Dragon Ball inspired murals on the outside wall.  Inside the bar has 2 main rooms: a neon and checkered patterned room with a bar and plush couches meant for socializing, and dance floor room with DJs playing a mix of techno and happy hardcore.  A little something for everybody!

Once the bubble net filled up, the dance floor was literally a slip and slide with massive bubble explosions from overhead, set to go off every 30 minutes. At one point we all got on the ground and had an epic suds war and then gave one another massages.  It was one of those parties that started out where no one really knew one another, but then we all became close friends.  It was really fun!

I wore my cat-inspired bikini but I also saw a Harajuku girl in full lolita fashion.  Basically it doesn’t matter how well-dressed you are as long as you are decorative. Another thing I really liked about this bar is that there were eyeballs plastered all over the wall, watching your every move.  This bar has free cover on the weekdays and drinks starting around 500円 so I definitely recommend trying it out!  I will for sure be back in the future.


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