Ra.a.g.f(ラフ)Rabbit Cafe



Earlier this year I went to my first rabbit cafe with my friend Misa-chan!  Ra.a.g.f is located in Harajuku and is an abbreviation for “Rabbit and grow fat”.  Yes, it’s logo features a rabbit taking a fresh dump.   With its diverse selection of fat rabbits to pet and feed, it did not disappoint. You gotta love Japan and its unorthodox use of English! 

Ra.a.g.f’s hilarious use of English didn’t stop at the outside of the cafe.  As soon as I entered the door and paid to get in, I was greeted by a sign that said “Please OVER the fence” in English.  I think they missed a verb in there but after puzzling it out for a bit I think I understood.  The cafe itself was super small and cozy but that made it easier to pet the rabbits!  The staff were extremely friendly and let customers choose which bunnies they wanted to pet from the cage.

Some of them were literally HUGE.  The gray one in the first picture of me was bigger than some puppies.  I also adored the fluffy white one.  You were allowed to purchase bowls of food and feed them for around 300円.  With their cute and fuzzy little faces, I can see why they are so fat!  It’s hard not to overfeed something that’s so adorable.

Going here is definitely a genuine weird Japan experience.  They were also selling bags and T-shirts with the pooping bunny that make excellent souvenirs for the family at home!  Please check this out if you get the chance, the rabbits need you to feed them!


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