DOG HEART from アクアマリン (Dog Cafe)

Over the weekend I met up with two colleagues from MSU and got to experience the pure bliss known as Dog Heart Cafe in Yoyogi.  The system works like this: you pay 950円 to be surrounded by cute, lovable, huggable, dogs and can pet and play with them to your heart’s content!  They are super social puppers and doggos that love being held so getting along with them is easy.  Most famous was the large golden retriever, but they were all wonderful animals and I did my best to divide my attention equally between them!

Personally I loved going to this dog cafe more than I do cat cafes.  When I went to a cat cafe, all of the cats looked over-stimulated and they did not want to be social unless you fed them.  But these dogs were the complete opposite!  Even without food, they happily greeted you and though it was one of the hottest days in Tokyo when I went, they all seemed pretty friendly and active!

What was great is that the cafe had an additional course where you could walk them for an additional charge.  So that way they could get outdoors and not feel cramped in the building all day.  Being here put me in such a great mood.  These dogs clearly love people and are well-cared for.  They definitely put a smile on my face and I gave them a ton of pets and hugs in return!

If you have been away from your pet for a long time, then I definitely recommend coming here.  Living in Tokyo for 8 months has made me miss my dogs at my family’s house in Michigan, but interacting with these dogs made me reminisce on great memories with them!


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