Tokyo Sea Life Park (葛西臨海水族館)

Over Greenery Day (みどりの日) of Golden Week this year, I decided to go to Tokyo Sea Life Park with my friend Kei since the entrance was free this day.  Though the park itself is a lot smaller compared to some of the aquariums that I’ve been to in America, I had a great time seeing all of the animals and fish that they had on display.  This was my first time being to an aquarium in Japan and since it was on a national holiday designed for appreciating wildlife, it is memory that I will cherish forever!

My favorite exhibit in the park was hands down the penguins!  They had an indoor and outdoor penguin exhibit that really made Kei and I think deeply about our lives.  We noticed the penguins behaved a lot like humans!  For instance, the penguins with the yellow markings all hung out in groups together, where the smaller penguins without the markings all huddled together in their own little group.  We called them the senpai penguins (ペンギン先輩) and kouhai penguins (ペンギン後輩) because they had kind of a junior-senior relationship among them.  The younger ones watched the older ones as one would study their hero or role model.  Though we are different species, when it all comes down to it, we are one in the same.

There were also micro jellyfish and a bunch of interesting crabs and snails that I had never seen before!  It was hard to get decent pictures in the indoor lighting but I captured a couple of the highlights.  After talking about life some more, my friend Kei and I rode the ferris wheel and mixed umeshu drinks once we got up in the air.  It was truly one of the most and fun times that I had.  Tokyo Sea Life is located in Kasai Park which is a distance from central Tokyo.  It’s also very close to Disney Land!  Being there felt magical in its own way, especially with the sea and the Disney Castle in the background!


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