Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2016


Earlier this year I went to an LGBT sponsored event called Tokyo Rainbow Pride in Yoyogi Park.  As a proud ally of the community, I was so happy to see  both Japanese people and foreigners gather in harmony in support of love.  The event itself had a parade and staged performances with drag queens and a giant bazooka gun that shot out female panties.  There were food and alcohol stalls set up all over the park and after a couple of cups of sangria, my friend Erika and I ran up to the front row and grabbed those freebies because they were too good to pass up!

The performers were phenomenal and super friendly!  My favorite was a body builder dressed as Lugia from Pokemon, and this was even before all of the Pokemon GO hype.  The drag queens had beautiful outfits and everyone cheered as they danced and twirled in their sparkly dresses.  I was so happy that I was able to go!  Though gay right movements are still picking up momentum in Japan, being here made me realize that one day we will all be able to love one another openly without fear.


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