Over the weekend I had the chance to go to an amazing intergalactic exhibit known as DMM.Planets which emulated the birth of a galaxy!  The exhibit was set up in Odaiba, home of the famous Gundam statue and and Venus Fort shopping mall.  Odaiba hosts weekly events and I was fortunate enough to catch an interactive tour of the largest crystal universe ever shown on display!  The exhibit consisted of four rooms with different environments brought to life by large-scale artwork by teamLab.  With neon colors and holographic displays, I truly felt as if I had been transported to another galaxy!

Upon entering the exhibit, we were required to take off our shoes and store them in a locker.  Why?  Because the first room was a gigantic black hole which sucked you in!  The room was made of a beanbag foam cushion and it definitely felt like we had entered an endless void!  Luckily this void was very very comfortable.  So comfortable that we didn’t want to leave!  The next room was full of illuminated bead lights and very vibrant with changing colors.  The floor and ceiling were mirrors so it truly felt like we were walking through a crystal maze.  We easily spent about 20 minutes and here watching the colorful patterns and taking pictures.  It really sparked a lot of creativity being in such a sparkly place!

To our surprise, the next room was full of water with holographic projections of koi fish and lights.  It felt like we were at a moonlit rave with the beautiful lights shining down at us!  The water was ankle-deep and was colored a gray color to resemble water on the moon.  My friends and I stood directly under the projectors so they would display polka dotted patterns on our bodies.  This was probably my favorite room just because the fish in the water looked real and everyone shared the same sense of wonder!

The last room was full of butterfly and flower projections all over the ceiling and walls.  Many people sat and laid down so they felt like they were under the stars.  It was so neat to see the room dancing with life and color!  After exiting the exhibit and washing our feet with moon water again, we walked out of the exhibit filled with awe, inspiration, and the lingering feeling that there definitely is more to things than what meets the eye.


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