Onigiri Battle Mounts


My character riding the fearsome fire beast known as Ifrit!

Many people know that I currently work at CyberStep localizing Japanese games to English speaking audiences and sharing the hype on social media.  Today in our latest update, we just released a new feature called the Battle Mount System where players can ride giant beasts into battle and use their skills to pummel enemies with earth-shattering, fire-breathing attacks and Ougis.  Our first Battle Mount character is called “Ifrit” and he is an ally wreathed in flames that is re-nameable by players.  Being an internet meme enthusiast, I chose the name “Doggo” for mine.  With my training and proper care, I have high hopes that he will live up to his name and slay all youkai that try to take us down.


Now let’s take a look at the Battle Mount System in-depth.  Unlike other partner characters before him, Ifrit comes with a stamina gauge that depletes as you take damage from enemies and also as you use powerful attacks.  However, you can regain this stamina by getting off the mount (by pressing the Y key) so Ifrit will follow you and be AI controlled while the gauge can recover.  It will also recover inbetween waves of enemies and if you defeat a number of them in succession.  Though his attacks are a bit slow, he is definitely a loyal vanguard!

He will level up similar to the pets within the game and you can allocate his status points just like you can to your own character.  I am definitely going to try a Pow build for mine, but from what I’ve tested virtually any type of build can work if you build it around your current character.

In addition to his release, Ifrit has his own dungeon that is available by talking to him in central Onigashima!  In this dungeon, you play as him!  Which is basically the same feeling as it is when you are riding him, only he comes with his own story line and achievements which are available for a limited time only.  So why don’t you try playing Onigiri!  The game is free to play for PC, Xbox, and PS4!


To obtain Ifrit, you must roll for his scroll in the Shopping Plaza, but currently he has a double win rate and is fairly easy to obtain.  As a GM, I am super excited to see what players have to say about him tomorrow!  I am already looking forward to going to work tomorrow and seeing all of the Ifrits running around.  The woof is on fire!


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