Sound Museum Vision: A Monday Night Adventure


My Japanese friends in Tokyo mainly consist of DJs, bartenders, game designers, translators, and apparel workers.  We all have one thing in common: our mutual love for clubbing.  So naturally when I received 3 invites to the Party Monster event at Sound Museum Vision in Shibuya, I had to come on out and support the squad on a Monday night.  In spirit of the monster theme, I decided to wear my white bear hat to the club because I knew it would be a ht success.  It was my first time going to this club but with cat girl DJs, noteworthy house and hip hop, and flashing gorilla holograms on the wall, I was not disappointed!

Sound Museum Vision is divided up into 4 rooms with a central room that DJs can rent out (with bars in every single area).  My friend DJ Egypt was one of the first to DJ in a dark room called “Deep Space” and played a selection of EDM for us to dance to.  Though she was one of the first to play, you better believe I murdered that dancefloor.  I also got some random Japanese girls to join us.  This room later switched to hip hop which was pretty neat.  My favorite part about the room was a sign that read “Deep Non-Smoking”.  Well played, Japan.

Around 2am my friend DJ DA1 was playing in a room called “White”.  I was falling asleep at this point but he woke me up and told me that I better be there!  So after listening to some big room bass in the central room (called “Gaia”), I was fully woke so I wandered into White to watch him play.  White was a well-lit room full of neon colors.  DA1 played a combination of EDM and house.  I was dancing the whole entire time and met some awesome cat girls.  His performance was my favorite just because it brought a lot of energy to the room.  It felt great to throw down on a Monday and I could feel the adrenaline pulsing through my veins when the show was over.

I checked out the other 2 rooms that were lounges, but the three that I visited were definitely the most lit.  Around 3:30am I said goodbye to my friends and wandered back to retrieve my bike.  On the way there, I passed by the legendary Taco Bell that had just opened in Shibuya, and also was approached by 3 drunk Japanese guys that gave me a duck that they stole from a love hotel in the red light district.  Classic.  Glad that Tokyo always has something going on and I am excited to spontaneously go to more of these events!


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