Out of this World Parfaits at ミルキーウェイ Milky Way Cafe


Looking for an intergalactic cafe experience that’s sure to rock your world?  Then Milky Way Cafe in Ikebukuro might be the place for you!  Last Saturday I slept in for half the day so I did the most logical thing and ordered a giant chocolate ice cream parfait with cake, star-shaped cookies, fruit, and extra whipped cream at this lovely little cafe.  Literally everything here was star-shaped!  The plates, the confectioneries, the interior decor…  They even sold star-shaped candy called konpeito (金平糖) by the cash register.  Now that’s what I call thematic.

The menu had a large choice of desserts and even some starry sandwiches too!  The dishes were a bit expensive, but all of the craftsmanship that went into them were more than worth it.  My Choco Mousse and Choco Ice frozen parfait was delivered to my table by a smiling waitress and was absolutely gorgeous in design.  I took a couple pictures then proceeded to devour it.  I then ordered some garlic bread at a nearby restaurant and drank martinis on a rooftop.  Nothing beats Tokyo dining!


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