For one year I was in the Game Design Specialization at Michigan State University and created the following games with teammates.  I mostly did 3D graphics, texture, and logo design as well as write design documents.

SOlid State

Command an army of data to retake corrupted sectors of the Solid State in this Real Time Strategy game!  This game is made for both desktop and touch-based platforms and features 11 levels with a unique skill tree upgrade system.  You can customize and upgrade the arsenal of your army while strategizing how to best take down enemy AI.  The game gets progressively harder as you advance and more skills become unlockable.  I designed textures for this game.  Originally released in April 2014.  Download Solid State.

Fountain of Gold

Complete with 4 different levels, this is a Western-styled on-rails first person shooter.  You play as an adventurer in a mine cart and ride the rails through deserts, caves, and mine shafts with a boss fight at the end of each level.  You can use focus mode to slow down and aim with the cross-hair which comes in handy when there are multiple enemy swarms.  I designed the model of the snake and the textures for the rocks, deserts, and all enemies.  Originally released in February 2014.  Download Fountain of Gold.

Jelly Hopp

Dodge the dangers of the deep sea by playing as a pink and bubbly jellyfish!  This is a 2.5D puzzle game for all ages full of challenge and adventure.  You are the master of the sea controlling currents to send Mr. Jelly Hopp swimming to collect the other jellyfish around him while avoiding eels and sabotaging currents.  Currents can be activated by using the number pad as explained in the tutorial and the game also features a level builder.  This was the first game I ever created and I designed the jellyfish model, vector backgrounds, and logo.  Originally released in December 2013.  Download Jelly Hopp.